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electric skateboard RS wheels design

What makes rubber wheels better

We have spent years perfecting our rubber wheels for electric skateboarding. Even small details such as the tire pattern have been rigorously tested and redesigned over 3 times.

Check out the design details!

Smoothest and All Terrain Capability. Why?

As you can see, we made this wheel with quality silicone rubber and 70A/80A hardness which means our wheels offer massive grip. Once it grips the road, it will not slip.

We made sure to maximize grip to pair with our high performance components.


We increased the wheel diameter to 105mm/125mm and width to 66mm. Compared to standard urethane wheels, the increase in size paired with the softness will help riders fly over small cracks, gravel, and debris easily. 

electric skateboard RS wheels design-2
electric skateboard wheel core design

Precision CNC made Aluminium Alloy Wheel Core

 Offers strong support for high torque motors and is durable for long riding. 

Ride more faster and safer

With 30%~45% bigger size than regular wheels, the speed is also increased (3~4mph).

Larger diameter and wider contact patch provide better braking ability and stability.

electric skateboard different wheels

Eovan Super RS 105 Airless Rubber Wheel

Best wheel option for most kinds of road conditions. Great for rough streets (including sidewalks).

electric skateboard wheels 105mm-4
electric skateboard pulley-3

Eovan Super RS 125 Airless Rubber Wheel

Best wheel option for most kinds of road condition on the street(including sidewalk) even it’s rougher 

electric skateboard RF125mm wheel-1
electric skateboard RF125mm wheel and pulleys-2

Eovan Super RF 125 Airless Rubber Wheel

Want to ride as fast as possible? These wheels are best for fast riding and cleaner road conditions.

MINI AT 150MM Pneumatic Tire

Best option for both paved roads and off roading.

Airless Solid AT 165MM

All the capabilities of a standard pneumatic AT wheel, but minus the worries of punctures and popping.

Penumatic AT 175MM

Get ready for an exciting off-road riding experience. The larger diameter makes these wheels even more capable.

electric skateboard AT wheels

Wheel installation

Please make sure the tire pattern (claw part)is facing forward when you install all the wheels for the board.

electric skateboard wheel install
electric skateboard wheel install-2
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