GTS Carbon Super


Pay in 6 installments without interest paypal_credit

  • First VESC set up muscle board with smart functions 
  • Power on the board by just remote
  • Motor lock function when you get off the board
  • Set acceleration/brake curve by remote 
  • Change different wheels/pulleys and set the info by remote 
  • 6374 Dual Motor 170KV with waterproof port to VESC
  • 12S4P Panasonic 852Wh fat battery cells 
  • 32mph basic top speed and hit 35~37mph by different gear ratio
  • Quick install different size wheels from 90mm to 175mm 
  • Climbing: 46%~50%  when board is on higher power
  • 41inch*10inch Muscle Carbon Fiber Deck Maroon Red 
  • adjustable Belt tension motor mount 
  • Shipping by air /sea 
  • Range with RS105/125 wheels:  40~50KM
  • Range with Cloudwheels: 60~65KM
  • Range with TB110 or ABEC or Orangatang wheels:65~75KM
  • You will be able to try any different wheels on the GTS Carbon Super as you want.

We will have Spring Festival holidays start from 25th of Jan. till 8th of Feb.

A free hand bar will be shipped with your board if order before 25th of Jan.

Note: the AT175 wheel version’s wheel hub and pulleys are synthetic plastics made, not like RS125 and AT150 CNC metal made.

if you need the CNC metal version for AT175, you can order from the accessories page or pay the price difference.


  • None
  • RS 105MM
  • RS 125MM RED
  • AT 155MM
  • AT 175MM
  • None
  • shipping by air(15~18days)
  • shipping by sea(28~35days)

GTS Carbon Super Overview

Up to 50~60km/h

45~65KM Range

46~50% Hill climbing

Double Kingpin Truck

Powerful VESC with smart functions

Out-Runner Motor

Panasonic 12S4P Pack
852Wh Tesla 21700 fat cells

2.4G wireless Color screen Remote

Street terrain smooth riding

electric skateboard street terrian wheels

Super RS Airless Rubber Wheels

electric skateboard AT tire

Solid AT wheels & Penumatic AT wheels

Off-road terrain exciting riding

6 months warranty

electric skateboard shipping

Air/Sea shipping

Your Next Performance Board

Performance Board Only Can Be Made By Premium Parts

EOVAN Generation II ESC

EOVAN Generation II VESC(smart version)

electric skateboard pack 12S4P

Panasonic 12S4P 852Wh 21700 fat cells

6374/170KV High Torque Belt Drive

Muscle Carbon Deck Maroon Red

electric skateboard RF125mm wheel and pulleys

Performance RS125 Airless Rubber Wheel


Pneumatic 155mm AT Wheels

GTS Carbon Super Detail Unboxing Review


  • TOP SPEED: 50~60km/h
  • RANGE:  45~65km
  • MOTOR: 3500W*2 performance 6374 motors
  • Belt tension: YES
  • HILLS: 46%~50% 
  • BATTERY: Panasonic 21700 battery pack 12S4P | 852Wh
  • DECK : Muscle Carbon Deck Maroon Red 
  • DECK Szie : 41inch*10 inch longer and wider enough
  • TRUCK Type: DKP
    Drive Gear/Pulley: Precision CNC custom made with aluminum alloy
  • WHEELS: Eovan Super RSSeries & AT Series
  • Driving Model: L/D/S/EOVAN Race mode 20kph/35kph/45kph/50~60km/h
  • Remote: Wireless | big battery | color screen | high speed & low battery warning
  • WEIGHT: 13.5KG
  • MAX LOAD: 130 kg / 286 lbs
  • BRAKING: Smooth but powerful braking control with regenerative recharging

Please note when you get the board  

We already made the boards with best settings on ESC program,Please don’t upgrate the program to VESC’ newest version, or modify the settings if you are not professional with this. if you really got problem with the board and need reset the program, please contact us for technical support!

In fact, you will be able to set up your board by remote totally, including the wheel diameter, gear radio, stand by time, even different acceleration/braking level for different speed level on the remote. you can customized your board to be best for your style!

And new smart functions:

  • Power on the board  to go by just remote 
  • Lock the board when you stop and get off 

How long will the order to be shipped after the purchase is finsihed ?

A: Normally we will ship your board/parts out in 2~3days. 

What’s the delivery time for my order?

it depends on which country and which city are you located and shipping by air or by sea. 
The estimated delivery time are offered when you choose the transportation way for your order. Possible reasons of shipping delay: weather condition, unexpected schedule changes, short-term shortage, national holiday, peak time deliveries, etc.

When can i have a  tracking number and check the details?

Normally we will offer you tracking number by mail in 24hours after we ship your order out. and you will be able to track the details after the package arrives your country and finish the custom clearance. it will take 7~10days for shipping by air and 25~30days for shipping by sea.

Please note: The tracking status would stay “in transit” and would not be updated until the parcel has finished custom clearance and passed to the local delivery.


– 1* GTS Carbon Super board

– 1* GTS Remote(color screen)

– 1 or 2 sets wheels (street or AT wheel or mix )

-1 or 2 sets of pulleys for your wheels(1 set pulley for 1 set of wheel)

– 2 or 4 sets of belts for your wheels(2 pairs of belt for 1 set of wheel)

– 1* Fast Charger(50.4V/5A)

– 1* User Manual

– 1* T tool

– A 2.0mm and a 3mm hexagon wrench key

– 4 pcs bearings and 8 pcs washers as spare 


Set the board to be best for you and enjoy the riding

Street Terrain Wheels

None, RS 105MM, RS 125MM RED

ALL Terrain Wheels

AT 155MM, AT 175MM, None

Transportation Way

shipping by air(15~18days), shipping by sea(28~35days)

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Sam Brayton
Too notch

The board is awesome. I am so happy with this purchase. Seems like every aspect of the board is high quality and fine tuned. I love it!

James Atkins
Super board

Takes my 230lb self up large inclines with ease while accelerating. The power is unreal!!! It will throw you if you don’t calibrate your throttle, but once you do get used to it being able to hit it and get going so fast so quick is incredible!!! Many other features I’ve yet to learn as I’m coming from a very rudimentary board. Get one! Ya won’t regret it

Guillaume Quignon
Awsome Muscle car look with even more torque

Ce GTS carbon super reprend tous les ingrédients qui avaient fait de la versio pro, une vraie réussite, tout en améliorant certains point très important aux yeux des utilisateurs.

Cette nouvelle version apporte de nombreuses fonctionnalités attendues comme le "sleep mode", le "pause mode" (pratique en groupe ride, la board est lockée et ne peut plus avancer sans qu'elle ne soit mise hors tension). Les courbes de freinage et accélération sont également paramétrables à la volée, ce qui permet de rendre la board très accessible même pour les débutants (moins évidents sur la version pro, plutôt réservée à des riders avertis et expérimentés) et le mode Race délivre un couple ahurissant pour une planche de ce gabarit et de cette gamme de prix. Clairement, le mot "SUPER" n'est pas usurpé, loin de là. De nombreux détails montrent également un niveau de finition et des performances en nette hausse par rapport au GTS carbon pro qui avait pourtant déjà placé la barre très haut. Le concave du Deck est également amélioré pour un meilleur calage des pieds sur la board, un meilleur confort (le fameux "foot fatigue") et un carving plus appuyé.

Pour résumer, cette version SUPER est une version PRO, en plus puissant, plus performant, avec une meilleure finition pour un prix inférieur. Ce n'est pas un hasard si elle se place sur la plus haute marche du podium dans son segment de prix (1000-1500$), au sondage Shredlight sorti début janvier 2022.

This new GTS carbon SUPER is an unpgraded version of the PRO version, improving all things that could be improved.

Many features, many options you can now setup via the remote : gearing setup, acceleration and braking cruves, sleep mode, "pause mode" (really useful in group ride : board can't move while it stays "on". The deck has more concave too, which will avoid foot fatigue and will help for better carving sensations. Race mode produces outstanding torque, much more than previous PRO version and going on full throttle from a standing start requires practise. To sumup, this SUPER deserves its name with : better details finishs, more power, better performances and chieffly, a lower price. Shredlight launched a poll and the GTS carbon SUPER finished at the top of the podium in the 1000/1500$ segment board. It is absolutely well desirved ! YouTube video placeholder
Dino Aguilar
Super Fast and Stable

I purchased my GTS Carbon Super and opted to go with Air Shipping. I ordered November 30th and received it a week and a half before Christmas. Right out of the box the bushing setup felt pretty good. I was able to reach a top speed of 32mph and completed a 21 Mile range test and was very comfortable and carvy. I would absolutely buy again, the power on this board is real! YouTube video placeholder
Kane Thomas

This board is epic! I would highly recommend it but be warned it’s not a toy.

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