GTS Carbon Pro

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  • 3600W+ maximum motor power
  • 6368 Dual Belt Motor 170KV
  • 12S4P Panasonic 21700 fat battery cells
  • 852Wh huge power with high discharge 
  • 32mph(50kph+) hit easily
  • Quick to install 5 different size wheels
  • adjustable Belt tension
  • 9.25 inches CNC custom made double kingpin truck
  • 41inch*10inch Muscle Shape Carbon Fiber Deck 
  • Bones Bearings
  • Shipping by air 


Some materials are very shortage on the market at this moment due to the big inflation effect,we are very 

sorry,there will be a delay(2weeks) for the order shipment until end of April. We are working on this

and will ship all orders out asap! 




  • RF 125MM Black
  • RS 105MM
  • RS 125MM RED
  • AT 165MM
  • AT 175MM
  • MINI AT 150MM

GTS Carbon Pro Overview

Up to 50km/h

50~55KM Range

30%+ Hill climbing

Double Kingpin Truck

ESC Base on VESC

Out-Runner Motor

Panasonic 12S4P Pack
19.2Ah Tesla 21700 fat cells

2.4G wireless Color screen Remote

Street terrain smooth riding

electric skateboard street terrian wheels

Super RS/RF Airless Rubber Wheels

electric skateboard AT tire

Solid AT wheels & Penumatic AT wheels

Off-road terrain exciting riding

6 months warranty

electric skateboard shipping

Free & Fast air shipping

Dual 6368 /170KV Powerful Out-runner motor

Muscle Carbon Fiber Deck

electric skateboard carbon fiber deck

Your Next Performance Board

electric skateboard GTS carbon pro AT wheels

Premium Board Only Can Be Made By Premium Parts

ESC base on VESC

electric skateboard pack 12S4P

Panasonic 12S4P Tesla cells

electric skateboard GTS carbon pro street wheels-9

6368/170KV High Torque Belt Drive

electric skateboard battery deck

Muscle Carbon Fiber Deck

electric skateboard RF125mm wheel and pulleys

Super RS125 Airless Rubber Wheel

electric skateboard AT wheels

Pneumatic 175mm AT Wheels


  • TOP SPEED: 50+km/h / 32mph
  • RANGE:  50~55km+/32~35miles
  • MOTOR: 3600W+ high performance custom made brushless out-runner motors
  • Belt tension: YES
  • HILLS: Up to 30%+
  • BATTERY: Panasonic 21700 battery pack 12S4P | 852Wh
  • DECK : Muscle Carbon Deck with Aluminium Alloy Bulit in
  • DECK Szie : 41inch*10 inch longer and wider enough
  • TRUCK Type: Precision CNC custom made double kingping truck
    Drive Gear/Pulley: Precision CNC custom made with aluminum alloy
  • Bearings: Bones Reds
  • WHEELS: Eovan Super RS/RF Series & AT Series
  • Driving Model: LO/MI/HI | 25kmh/35kmh/50kmh
  • Remote: Wireless | big battery | color screen | high speed & low battery warning
  • WEIGHT: 13.5KG
  • MAX LOAD: 120 kg / 264 lbs
  • BRAKING: Smooth but powerful braking control with regenerative recharging

Please note when you get the board  

We already made the boards with best settings on ESC program,Please don’t upgrate the program from VESC’ newest version, or modified the settings if you are not professional. if you really got problem with the board and need reset the program, please contact us for technical support!

– 1* GTS Carbon Pro belt drive

– 1* GTS Remote(color screen)

– 1* set of  Street Terrain Wheels(105 or 125mm) with 40T/50T drive gear and Pulley

– 1* set of  AT Terrain Wheels(150mm/165mm/175mm) with 60T/66T drive gear and Pulley

– 1* pair of Belt M5/300mm(RS105mm) or M5/330mm belt(RF/RS 125MM Wheel)

– 1* pair of Belt M5/360mm(AT150mm) or M5/380mm belt(AT 165/175MM Wheel)

– 1* Fast Charger(50.4V/5A)

– 1* User Manual

– 1* T tool

– A 2.0mm and a 3mm hexagon wrench key

– 4 pcs bearings and 8 pcs washers as spare 

– 1* Small inflator  

Street Terrain Wheels

RF 125MM Black, RF 125MM RED, RS 105MM, RS 125MM RED

ALL Terrain Wheels

AT 165MM, AT 175MM, MINI AT 150MM

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Love it but there is always room to improve.

This board an company is very reliable and awesome in every case. From order to delivery it took 2 moths which is a long time but there were reasons and it was worth the wait. I just took a 10km round with the RS125 and the all terreain 150 but i can say for sure this board is awesome. It is definetl not for a beginner which you can tell by the price already. Only personal recommendations are:
The Bushings are too soft for me 100kg
The Remote feels and looks cool but the throttle could be a little more presice because the first 20 degree basically give all the power. The rest of the throttle results as empty. I am sure this can be fixed by an firmware update. The Battery-indicator could also be a little adjusted but when you take a little break from the board (maybe 5-10 sec.) it will show you almost presice what the battery is at.

Last but not least, the board is a glory in its shape, materials used and concept. I am tall and love to ride long distance and fast so the board suits me. If you ride in crowded places and need to picup the board often, this is not the one for you!

Awesome board -> Awesome company

I'm overall very impressed with Eovan as a company as well as their products! I have to say that I rarely experience so GOOD customer support. They had delays with their suppliers and they handled that very professionally. Whenever I reached out to check the progress on my order they were very swift to answer and apologise. Today I finally received my board and it's AWESOME. Eovan gifted me free grip, belts and tube because of the delay and that left me super good impression. If anyone is still deciding to order anything from them - I cannot recommend them enough honestly.
As for the board I'm a beginner and as someone else said- It's not for beginners! :D However I ride with caution on Low and the ride is awesome. The throttle and brakes are very sensitive and super responsive. I love it. I'm using RF 125 and I'm yet to put my 170mm AT wheels. Even on very bumpy roads in my city they perform surprisingly well given their hardness. The GTS pro is worth it's price and in my opinion no other international company can beat what you get for it. I'm excited to test the range more but I promise you - you will get tired faster than the battery gets drained haha. I have around 10km for 20% battery (with about 1km of steep incline), so the range is on point. *I'm 65kg with my clothes and gear. I rarely spend so much time writing reviews for anything so yeah I can say I'm very pleased!

Thank you Eovan for the great experience to be your customer <3

Amazing board, amazing service, the future is bright for this company 😎

Couldn’t be happier with the Eovan Carbon Pro GTS. The build quality is too notch, so so much power, super smooth and sexy as %#*!. Customer service has been great. Looking forward to more from Eovan.


I bought the carbon pro. And it is flat out awesome. I’m 6’5” tall at 240lbs and I’m all the over 20 miles range. Crazy fast, love the handling. Best board I’ve bought. This is one.

This skateboard is awesome

It is not for beginners, it is fast!

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