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  • Extreme Powerful & High Torque
  • Ultra-grippy Rubber Wheel
  • Most Smooth & Performance Riding
  • 5 Different Wheels options
  • Handel Street Roads & Off roads easily
  • Longer powerful riding time
  • Air shipping

The GTS Standard is out of stock now!

  • 12S3P
  • AT175mm
  • MINI AT 150
  • RF125 Black
  • RF125 Red
  • RS105mm
  • RS125 Red
electric skateboard GTS Belt drive RF125-10

6368/170KV Powerful Belt Drive Motors

Eovan GTS-Belt uses bigger size and more powerful motors. Offers  3600W maximum power and over 10N.m torque, when you need a fast accleration or quick stop (even a lightning-fast acceleration) no matter on flat road or climb on hills, it’s always power enough.

Based On The Most Advanced Controller-VESC

The comtroller is always the most important part for a electric skateboard.
So we design and produce the esc base on VESC6.0 which is most famous and trustworthy ESC in the world.
Besides, we design and made a remote with colorful screen, big battery(700mah) and Swiss army knife shape, best comfort grab feel and wear resistant. The riders can check the infomation of the board and remote easily no matter under the sun or in the night, same time we designed  a feature about safe riding for the riders, once the riding speed is over 40km/h(25mph) the speed color will turn to red to warn the rider pay all attention to keep safe.

Super RS & RF Airless Rubber Wheels 105mm/125mm

Like a super car always need equip with super tire. Eovan RS & RF rubber wheels support you not only ride fast but also ride smooth and comfortable. You will see the grip and shock absorber ability are the best when riding on the road no matter it’s flat or rough.

Unique Drop-down Deck

Our deck has a longer and wider size with a significant drop and deep concave to make you keep stable easy when riding fast. Also it’s shape boasts huge wheel cutouts which allow very deep turns for small radius of turning circle and fun carvering you want.

electric skateboard battery case-1

Longer Enough Range With Panasonic 21700

Eovan GTS is equipped with Panasonic 21700(4800mah/cell) 639Wh battery pack. Offers 72A output current to ensure the riding always to be powerful and such big capacity always provides more than 32~40km/20~25miles long range. Also the high discharge and capacity ensure the power and speed won’t reduce quickly as other regualr boards.


  • TOP SPEED: 50+km/h / 32mph
  • RANGE: Up to 40km/25 miles
  • MOTOR: 3600W(Direct Drive) / high performance custom made brushless out-runner motors 1800*2
  • Belt tension:    YES
  • HILLS:                Up to 30%
  • BATTERY:         12S3P  Panasonic 21700 battery pack 14.4Ah | 639Wh
  • DECK :               Professional Drop-dwon design | 8-Ply California Maple
  • DECK Szie :      41inch*10 inch longer and wider enough
  • TRUCK Type:    Precision CNC custom made double kingping truck
  • Drive Gear/Pulley: Precision CNC custom made with aluminum alloy
  • Bearings: Bones Reds
  • WHEELS: Eovan Super RS/RF Airless Rubber Wheels/ AT wheels
  • Driving Model: lo/mi/hi | 25kmh/35kmh/50kmh
  • Remote: Wireless | big battery | color screen | high speed & low battery warning 
  • WEIGHT: 12KG
  • MAX LOAD: 100 kg / 220 lbs 
  • BRAKING: smooth but powerful braking control with regenerative recharging
what’s in the box for one wheel set what’s in the box for 2 in 1 set
– 1* GTS belt drive/direct drive board – 1* GTS belt drive 
– 1* GTS Remote(color screen) – 1* GTS Remote(color screen)
– 1* set of  Street Terrain Wheels(105 or 125mm) with 40T/50T drive gear and Pulley – 1* set of  Street Terrain Wheels(105 or 125mm) with 40T/50T Pulleys
   – 1* set of  AT Wheels(150/ 165 or 175mm) with 60T/60T/66T Pulleys
– 1* pair of Belt M5/300mm(RS105mm) or M5/330mm belt(RF/RS 125MM Wheel) – 1* pair of Belt M5/300mm(RS105mm) or M5/330mm belt(RF/RS 125MM Wheel)
  – 1* pair of Belt M5/360mm(AT150mm or AT165mm) or M5/380mm belt(AT 175MM Wheel)
  – 1* Small inflator
– 1* Fast Charger(50.4V/5A) – 1* Fast Charger(50.4V/5A)
– 1* User Manual – 1* User Manual
– T tool – T tool
– A 2.0mm and 3mm hexagon wrench key – A 2.0mm and 3mm hexagon wrench key





AT175mm, MINI AT 150, RF125 Black, RF125 Red, RS105mm, RS125 Red

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very happy

My daughter loves the GTS. Very stable , great range, heaps of power and pulls up quick.

High quality board


First E-board ever

Yo! Bought it just before the chinese Lunar new year holiday and got it in approx 4w, living in Sweden.
The Snow just melted so I have been testing it for maybe 20km... As it's My first board and first time riding an E-board, My review wont be professional. But I have ridden longboards, wave surfed, wakeboard and am a snowboarder during winters. I can just say WOW! The board is fantastic! A Little bigger than i thought it would be, but Still OK. And it's heavy!! Hehe, Hard to move it around too much. Also more flexy than i thought it would be.
It really breathes quality!!!! It feels really well built, however the remote feels a Little second-tier... But it has worked great so far! No connectivitt issues.

The power from the board is monstruos, I am only riding around in "medium" for now, untill i get used to it. 50 km/h is way to fast for me anyway... Been Up to 37 and ITS FAST! A Little too soft att first so i tightened the rear truck a Little more than the front and now it behaves perfectly! I am 85kg.
I can really recommend it, even though it is expensive... But sure worth the extra $$ compared to the cheaper alternatives.
I chose the 125 ?RF? wheels (the thicker ones!) And they are really great.


My board took quiet a few weeks to get to me due to covid blues ,but finaly did and im more than happy ,spent the first day going over & changing some things till I was happy was suprized at the quality , metal drives ,bearings wheels just returned from a test spin & im AFFRAID very affraid ! The board keeps trying to throw me off ,sutch a mountain killer great power to all out there please be carfull ,breaks hold well to, thank god for the new rubber 125 wheels wouldn’t want anything ealse to hold me to the road & the drop down deak comes into its own to lock you into the board ,I just hope that with time this board will hold up to what punishment I’m going to put it threw ,we will see ,so far I’m stoked 🙏🏻😌be safe & as always travel well



Not for the faint hearted, amazing board!

Having ridden a range of budget boards over the last couple years the EOVAN GTS has been a bit of a shock to the system, but a good one. The thing is massive and it's heavy so I'm happy I still have a short-board too, this isn't a "grab it and run to the shops kinda board".
I've only had it a few weeks but so far it hasn't missed a beat, it's powerful, smooth, responsive and the battery life is off the charts. I ride pretty hard (I weigh 70 kgs) and I reckon I'll be able to get almost 40 kms on one charge (maybe more but don't want to overstate things). Speaking of 40 kms I was able to go go up at hill at 40 the other day with ease, so heaps of power on tap with the GTS!
In terms of criticisms the trucks bolts are not accessible from the top (covered by the grip tape) however they are not counter sunk either) so to mount shred-lights on the top (they wouldn't work underneath due to motors) I had to cut little parts of the grip tape out to access the bolts, not really what you want to do with a brand new board. It would also be nice to have a way of checking battery power on the board and a USB port on the board wouldn't go astray either. Not deal breaks though.

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