GTS Carbon Pro

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GTS Carbon Pro

Muscle Carbon Fiber Deck,Various Wheels Options

Make Your Board different

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GTS Carbon

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What we did for our boards

Custom Eovan VESC®

The Eovan controller is based on the VESC® 6.0 Open Source Project. It supports 12S battery high voltage, 100A continuous system current, and 300A instantaneous current. Those numbers mean that when you step on an Eovan board, you will not only feel the power, but its more than capable acceleration and braking due to the large current output VESC® offers. You can stop on a dime and launch just as quickly. Acceleration is as easy and fast as you want, and the brake is as stable and agile as you need. We prefer to use a VESC® based controller over other ESCs because of the performance and durability over time.

Eovan Performance Motors

In order to have the best power, we custom designed and produced the motors for our Eovan boards. We have spent hours watching our CNC winding machine and tweaking copper wires to find the pinnacle of performance.

The hard work was worth it as we produced motors which can offer high torque (more than 5Nm) and can hit a speed up to 50km/h (32mph) easily. No matter if you are accelerating or braking, our motors will certainly impress.

electric skateboard direct drive motor design
electric skateboard battery case

Choosing the Best Battery

A high quality battery pack is the key to powerful and safe riding. Many other e-skateboard companies use a Samsung 18650 30Q/35E battery pack. We, instead, chose a Panasonic 21700 battery pack with integrated management system (custom BMS) and high discharge rate to offer much more capacity, performance, and reliability. 639Wh is a huge amount of power, and 72A is a stable output current to ensure impressive power and long-range riding.

Unique Drop-down Deck

Any professional rider knows the key to stability is a lower center of gravity. When riding on bigger wheels, a low center of gravity is especially important to hit speeds up to 50km/h. We designed a unique drop-down deck to suit our large wheels. With 41 inch length, 10 inch width, and deep concave, the board is ready for speed. Our deck has a significant drop for a stable ride and the comfy foot pockets give the board a lock-in feel. Our drop-down deck’s shape boasts huge wheel cutouts which allow very deep carving. The larger deck suits all riders, even ones with larger feet.

electric skateboard drop-down deck design

Eovan Designed Airless Rubber Wheels

Having enough power is mere half the battle, making the ride smooth, safe, and comfortable is the next step. We designed the super RS & RF series airless rubber wheels to conquer the rough road ahead.

Offered in 105mm and 125mm with a 66mm width, the increased diameter and squish of the Super RS wheels enables the rider to roll over most cracks and bumps. Our Super RS wheel with 70A hardness offers a great grip and the smoothest riding experience known to man.

Eovan Super RF rubber wheels with 80A hardness are more stable for fast riding. The wheels will also give you a better steering response, faster acceleration, accurate cornering, and shorter stopping distances.

No matter which one you choose, Eovan RS/RF rubber wheels are grippier and prevent slippage better than standard polyurethane wheels.


GTS Carbon Pro AT Wheels 7"

GTS CARBON PRO X Torque board 110S

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