GTS Carbon Super

A New Generation Muscle Board

More Than Performance

Created First VESC set up board  deeply customized with smart & safe functions

The Power & Speed, The Torque & Range

You can get all of them from GTS Carbon Super with different wheels and pulleys 

What's the difference

GTS Carbon Pro

VESC Set up muscle board

GTS Carbon Super

Deeply customized VESC set up advanced board

What makes the GTS Carbon Super to be best for you?

EOVAN Generation II ESC

New Generation Eovan VESC®

The Eovan controller is designed based on the VESC® 6.0, after one more year of R&D working,our engineer team upgraded both hardware and software, new generation ESC is more than powerful, high performance is unquestionable, it’s the first VESC which can be set up by remote totally and same time designed with smart functions.

 What we created is a real professional version of VESC for electric skateboard.

New Motors

We upgraded the motors from 6368(3000W) to 6374(3500W), offers bigger out put power and higher performance on acceleration, braking and clmibing than last version. 

Battery & Deck

We keep the battery pack same as one year ago, but improved the waterproof ability and the GTS Carbon Super still has a huge capacity of 852Wh, with 12S4P Panasnoic 21700 fat cells. Our customers are happy with the range and power.

New deck has been refined with better concave and more stronger structure design, same time with a new color on the carbon layer. No more balck color decks.

Eovan Designed Airless Rubber Wheels

Having enough power is mere half the battle, making the ride smooth, safe, and comfortable is the next step. We designed the super RS series airless rubber wheels to conquer the rough road ahead.

Offered in 105mm and 125mm with a 66mm width, the increased diameter and squish of the Super RS wheels enables the rider to roll over most cracks and bumps. Our Super RS wheel with 70A hardness offers a great grip and better steering response, faster acceleration, accurate cornering, and shorter stopping distances.

No matter which one you choose, Eovan RS rubber wheels are grippier and prevent slippage better than standard polyurethane wheels and cloudwheels, especially for higher performance boards.

How is the performance in the reviews

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Enjoy The Riding with GTS Carbon Pro/Super


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